Advocating for the Interests of Small Business Operators and their Workforce

SFSBC is dedicated to uniting merchants, residents, and City Hall, fostering cleaner and safer streets, establishing a versatile multimodal transit system, and promoting flourishing "small" businesses within San Francisco.

It's imperative that we prevent the emergence of additional deserted commercial areas, similar to what we've witnessed on Market Street and Van Ness Street, as the current conditions contribute to the shutdown of small businesses.

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Meetings with SF Officials

We recently held meetings with both the District Attorney and we were pleased to discover their strong commitment to reducing crime and upholding law and order in our City. Currently, we are collaborating on formulating policy recommendations aimed at providing robust support for Small businesses within San Francisco.

We have opened a dialogue with Supervisor Ronen's office this has been a positive step for us. During our discussions, we explored collaborative opportunities with SFMTA on various aspects, including parking, traffic management, posted hours, curb colors, bike projects, and parklet issues.

We (steering committee of 8) met with Mayor's office and they left our meeting with zero solutions.

Following a productive meeting with HSH (Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing), we delved into finding viable solutions to address the crisis concerning unhoused individuals on our streets. We are committed to keeping you informed about the progress we make in moving people into shelters and providing support to get them off the streets. Rest assured, we are actively working towards positive improvements in this pressing matter.

people sitting on chair in front of table while holding pens during daytime
people sitting on chair in front of table while holding pens during daytime

Current Events 2024


Monday 10:00 AM : Rules Committee : Supervisors Dorsey, Walton, Safai

Monday 1:30 PM : Land Use and Transportation Committee Supervisors Melgar, Preston, Peskin

Wednesday 10:00 AM : Budget and Finance Committee : Supervisors Chan, Mandelman, Safai

Wednesday 1:30 PM : Budget and Appropriations Committee : Supervisors Chan, Mandelman, Safai, Ronen, Walton

1st and 3rd Thursday 10:00 AM : Government Audit and Oversight Committee : Supervisors Preston, Stefani, Chan

2nd and 4th Thursday 10:00 AM : Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee : Supervisors Stefani, Engardio, Dorsey

2nd and 4th Friday 10:00 AM : Homelessness and Behavioral Health Select Committee : Supervisors Ronen, Mandelman, Walton

Our Mission

We believe that small businesses are the backbone of the local economy and deserve to be heard and represented. Through advocacy, education, marketing, and community connections, we aim to amplify the influence of the small business sector and drive the creation of pragmatic laws and policies that secure the welfare, safety, and financial independence of our community.


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happy birthday to you greeting card

Who We Are

We assert that the perspective of small businesses is inadequately represented within the city's administration. The San Francisco Small Business Coalition (SFSBC) tirelessly champions the cause of small businesses, seeking to influence change on various issues, some that exclusively pertain to small businesses, such as safer streets for all, permitting, and others that bear significance for the entire city, such as housing. Furthermore, we endeavor to support our peers by endorsing and patronizing fellow small businesses.

The SFSBC is committed to identifying long-term solutions that cater to the best interests of "San Francisco's small business". These solutions span from simple, practical amendments to the permitting process, to more complex issues surrounding affordability and safety in San Francisco. City agencies have, regrettably, overlooked small businesses for too long, or worse, have displayed hostility towards our community. For instance, virtually every small business can share a distressing tale about dealing with a city agency.

To operate our businesses, we navigate through a labyrinthine system of regulations governing our industries, while simultaneously fulfilling our societal obligations. Often, we find ourselves doing this in stark contrast to the city government, which repeatedly elects not to enforce its own laws, fails to deliver basic services like maintaining clean and safe streets, and declines to build consensus on new legislative actions that directly affect our livelihoods.

SFSBC is constructing an expansive coalition of small business operators and workers to represent our interests at both city and state levels, while also introducing a much-needed sense of joy into the process of owning, operating, and working in small businesses in San Francisco.


We, the dedicated voters, business owners, and neighborhood leaders, stand united in our unwavering commitment to bring positive transformation to our cherished city. With our collective voices and votes, we humbly appeal to your attention and support in addressing the challenges that lie before us. Our vision is clear: a San Francisco where every resident thrives, businesses flourish, and neighborhoods are represented with integrity. We place our trust in your leadership, urging transparency, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to the common good. Together, let us forge a legacy of unity, resilience, and equitable progress, shaping a future that honors the immense potential of our vibrant city.

- SFSBC Supporters

Amplifying the Voice of Small Businesses in San Francisco